Monday, January 24, 2011

No Matter How Small (A Respect for Life Poem)

Horton Hears a Who... Finally, at last! From that speck on that clover Their voices were heard! They rang out clear and clean.And the elephant smiled. "Do you see what I mean?...They've proved there are persons, no matter how small.And their whole world was saved by the Smallest of All!" "How true! Yes, how true," said the big kangaroo."And, from now on, you know what I'm planning to do?...From now on, I'm going to protect them with you!"And the young kangaroo in her pouch said,..."...ME, TOO!"
by Dr. Seuss

Plain or pretty

Skinny or Fat

A person's a person

I like it like that.

And if you speak funny

Like some of us do..

Guess what? You're a person!

Oh my yes. It's true.

Are you somewhat nutty?

A bit off your rocker?

You still count my dear friend

(I know it's a shocker!)

If you have some limbs

That don't work so well,

You're 100 percent people..

This fact I do tell.

Do you like to eat liver?

(Though I think it's gross).

That still makes you human

And to you I toast!

Your brain may be slow

or yet, fast it may be

But the fact still is this-

You suit God to a T.

Perhaps you are old

And your skin doesn't fit.

But that doesn't matter

Not one little bit...

Or maybe you're tiny

And can hardly be seen

You are no less a person

To say so is mean.

Because you ARE a person

The most awesome of all...

And a person's a person

No matter how small.

by Laura Graham Fetters (with some Dr. Seuss inspiration.) post signature


Aimee said...

OK, Laura, so why did this make me cry this morning?! I am a nut, but this post is great :)

Terra said...

Awesome. ANd I love to use Dr. Seuss to help me now and then too. Wonderful post.

Lisa said...

Perfect, Laura. &:o) Message right on point, but I'm giggling over the skin not fitting part. Wonderful post.

Kim H. said...

I LOVE IT! You are amazing! And what a GIFT YOU ARE! :)

I too like the skin not fitting part. My Molly would say "you are squishy" - that's what she tells my Mom and Leo's Mom when she touches their wrinkles. And it makes us all laugh.

Debbie said...

This is so wonderful Laura. I can't imagine that blogs aren't going to want to pick this up and run with it. Thank you.

Christine said...

I agree...what a great post! We can scream MURDER MURDER MURDER all we want but I think we need to show people the humanity behind this message.

Bia said...

MOST EXCELLENT, my favorite Catholic school teacher!

I like the part how we all "suit God to a T".

Diva Ma said...

I found you on Jiggety's page, I think. I thought that was wonderful. I would love to recite that to my son's first grade class, if that's okay with you. Wonderful message!

Tracy said...


GrandmaK said...

Know it's not "The Season" any more but "God bless us everyone!" This was such a tender way to approach LIFE! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Such a treat-this poem. thanks! It's my first time here and it won't be my last. God Bless!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Almost empty nester said...

Dr Seuss...a poet for all time!!

Suzy said...

I Just Loved this.
Dr Seuss is very popular in this house!
Really great post :0)

Tom S said...

Great poem. Thanks for the chuckle.

Christine said...


Great poem.

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Bia said...

Es muy fantastico.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

How did I miss this until tonight? Love it! Each one of us is His masterpiece.

As far as works of art go, this is not horrible, this is beautiful.

momto5minnies said...

Both ... very sweet! I love a little Dr. Seuss.

Christine said...

I love it! Very inspirational. I feel so special. I fit into all of those spots.

Phase II said...

This is have a gift!

NC Sue said...

I wonder if Ms. Fetters would mind if I posted that on my site? I really like it.

Kudos to her, whoever she is!

Cheryl Lage said...

Adore this---the insight and wisdom of Dr. Seuss and Ms. Fetters. :)

Lee Strong said...

Wonderful. I plan to repost this so more can see it!