Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank You Saint Anthony...Once Again

St. Anthony, perfect imitator of Jesus,
who received from God the special power
of restoring lost things,
grant that I may find (name your lost item)
which has been lost.
While I was growing up, my mother would always encourage us to pray to Saint Anthony if we lost something and to ask for his intercession.
Think what you might, in many cases the item would be found at some point.
Last week I lost my hearing aid for a day.
(Yes, I wear one at work only for the most part but I find I am needing it more as I age. What? I'm sorry; I can't hear you.)
I was fairly certain that I had accidentally swept it into the trash with my hand when I was cleaning off my desk in the late afternoon at school.
To replace it would cost nearly $2,000. Ugh.
The next day I told the class that to request Saint Anthony's assistance I was going to wear my Saint Anthony medal, pray for his intercession, and then post his prayer on my whiteboard.
Because they are such a nice group of kids, they immediately began to crawl around on the floor looking for my hearing aid.
No hearing aid was found.
An hour after my announcement, I looked into the trashcan which only had one item ( a plastic food container) in it that was from the CCD class that uses the room in the evening. Even though it would make no sense for the hearing aid to be in the trash can since it was emptied by the time I noticed it was gone.......there it was under the container.
Thank you, Saint Anthony.
Your my pal.
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Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

St. Anthony wasn't big around our house, but St. Christopher was.

No worries about wear a hearing aid...I am glad you found it thanks to Anthony!

Check this out:

Bia said...

i remember in hs frantically praying to st. anthony because i had inadvertently dumped my brand, new and expensive retainer in the lunchroom trash.

the nice attendant dragged the trashcan out back, and together we combed through the mess before we found it (luckily, pretty near the top, too).

glad you found your hearing aid ...

MissJean said...

St. Anthony doesn't do it for me. Even with the Sisters of Mary Mothers of the Eucharist asking his intercession, I had to visit a locksmith because that key is gone. I have a feeling that when I get to Heaven, St. Anthony will greet me with "Better late than never" and hand me my pet duck Itchy, my lockbox key, and the scrap of paper containing the phone number for that cute Catholic boy who moved in our senior year.

GrandmaK said...

I know what you mean. It made no sense for it to be there but indeed it was. Thanks be to God! Wishing you a grand week! Cathy

Terra said...

what a great moment in time!