Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Presents for the Large Family

Because I have a large family, my Christmas presents to nieces, nephews, and siblings tend to be more like Christmas gestures than Christmas gifts. For the kids I might buy a family DVD. For the adults I might give some baked goods and/or maybe a bag of fair trade coffee. If I can come up with something a tad more unique, it makes me gleeful.
Though I know making someone a CD of his/her favorite songs is not the most original thought in the world, I was very pleased when I an idea sprouted in my brain to make a CD of songs that reminded me of my siblings (and even a few of their children).
I've included a song from a 45 record we played over and over on a beach trip in 1970 and
a song that opened a talent show my oldest sister directed in high school.
There are songs that my brothers blasted from their rooms, that my sisters and I made up dances to, and odd little songs that I'm fairly certain other families don't know because truth be told- we were a bit weird.
I'm excited about this gesture; I think it even qualifies as a GIFT.
And what does that do?
Why it Makes My Monday, of course!
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GrandmaK said...

Drawing names is what we do...The anticipation for the list starts in September. I'm often reminded that I haven't sent the names yet!!! It's a lot of fun! Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Cathy

Terra said...

I love the idea. One of Lauren's friends did this as a B-day "treat bag" it was pretty cool to have a CD of her favorite songs over the years!

The Smiths said...

We draw names as well...but I LOVE your idea. For each family unit, we used to do a family basket..packed with candies, treats, a game..something they all HAD to enjoy as a family.
Your post of memories makes me miss my family...we spend Christmas with my husband's family.
I might just have to do a cd of our favorite family songs...we made a roadtrip each a station wagon with 10 people all together..myself, my parents, and 7 siblings! Oh! the memories.

Merry Christmas, Laura.

Lora said...

love it! i have a friend who asked for mixed cds for her birthday and i'm totally stealing that idea...

Barb, sfo said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. If I asked my brother and sister to do that, and did one for them as well, it would be interesting to see the songs chosen!

Safire said...

TOTALLY a gift! My roommates and I did this in college and we still listen to it all the time, almost 15 years later. I think they will love this!