Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Promise to Love, Honor, and Not Take Too Long to Choose a Christmas Tree

Money management, conflict resolution ideas, and faith practices are all important components of marriage preparation meetings. You know what else should be in there? Christmas tree shopping habits. There are so many variables to the the Christmas tree issue that couples should be required to reveal their must-do's before they tie the knot. Must you have an artificial tree? Must the branches be symmetrical? Must you buy from a charity? Must you have the "perfect" tree regardless of price? Must you have the cheapest tree regardless of its appearance? Knowing these things ahead of time could save hours of painful (pineful) arguing. ** My husband and I are a tree match because we both have the same desire when we shop for our tree: Let's see how fast we can do this. Usually by the time he has yanked the third one from the tree line-up, we are good to go. We pay for our good-enough tree and carry it home to its trusty stand. (The firehouse lot is only a block away.) Then the issue of how to put the lights on the tree comes to surface.....that's another story entirely. post signature


Lisa said...

Haha! Love this -- becaue it is so true. We were glad to see that our oldest son and his new wife are "Christmas Tree Compatible." And, Dan and I are like you guys -- tree compatible -- but lights challenged. We both like a forest-cut tree -- fight to be the one to put the lights on. Weird, huh? (But, ohmygosh, he is so light-handed -- and I HATE colored lights and blinkers! GAR!)

Terra said...

I used to think it was fun to take your time, really inspect the trees, pick the perfect one...I don't have to worry about the compatibility issues anymore but I find myself quickly gazing for holes, height and needle tenderness then picking the first decent one I see these days...perhaps next year I will slow down again and enjoy the process.